Yo soy #…..

I went back to my homeland and witnessed another presidential fraud. The last presidential fraud I had experienced on Mexican soil happened over twenty years ago. Shortly after, I moved to the USA and stayed on the north side of the border for the next 19+ years. Mexico became an ever-fading memory. Certain things I made no effort to retain; others, I chose not to ever forget. Why?

Because those fragments of memory that I hold dearly constitute my cultural identity. Because my memory engenders my social responsibility. And because our memory allows us resist. And because my memory reminds  me that no country deserves to be oppressed by a conglomerate of entertainment companies, whom through bribery, murder, manipulation have installed Enrique Peña Nieto as the new president.

If my memory does not fail (I will make every effort to keep it going). It will always be one with that of my countrymen’, who took the streets on July  7, 2012 to protest the imposition of an intellectually deficient president.




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