El de los dulces

In Los Negritos as in other danzas there is always a character, usually a child, dancing and passing out candy to the audience. I have yet to learn the cultural significance of such character.


Ollitas Oaxaqueñas

To celebrate her 50th anniversary, Bilha Trinidad decided to do something she had never done in her life: brake a gender role.

Bilha organized a group of women to perform a dance traditionally represented only by men. Her group, Las Ollitas Oaxaqueñas has been performing the dance in community celebrations and are getting ready to represent another predominantly male performance, Los Negritos. Soon, they will be going around communities throughout Los Angeles doing performances and inviting other women to do likewise, because in Oaxacalifornia some traditions do change….

Estudios del Nopal

Estudios del Nopal is a series of nopal portraits in which I am exploring the symbolism of the plant in relation to its function as an icon of cultural identity. The second phase of the project is a collaboration with artist Walfred Rodriguez and writer, Bertha Rodriguez. Walfred will intervene the prints using engraving processes and Bertha will write poetry/essay /…Once the project enters its second phase, more photos will be available.

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tras la pelota…

Early this year, I began a project which I will turn into a monograph. It will consist of images documenting the presence and continuation in California of the pre-Columbian ball game called Pelota Mixteca. The game is played in different variations and in different locations throughout the state. I started in the Central Coast and will continue in Ventura County and then…., I don’t know where it will take me; perhaps, I will just travel back and forth until I hear of a different location.

con los diablos…

He iniciado una serie de retratos sobre los personajes en los bailes tradicionales que se practican en Oaxacalifornia….

Oaxacalifornia continues with a series of portraits of the characters that take part in the traditional dances…